Dr. F. R. Ansari(b. 1914 - d. 1974)
Dr. Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman al-Ansari al-Qaderi was a scholar, author, journalist and missionary of international repute. His scholarship bore the stamp of versatility, with Theology Philosophy and Comparative Religion forming his central interest. His authorship contributed more than a dozen books, all imbued with sincerity of purpose, depth of insight, logical acumen and wide knowledge. His journalistic talent enriched the cause of Islam for more than forty years inside the Pak-Bharat sub-continent as well as outside. His missionary endeavours served farflung human population in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. A pupil of Professor S.Z. Hasan, Dr. Pihl,(Erl.) D. Phil. (Oxon.) in Philosophy, of His Eminence Sayyid Sulaiman Ashraf in Theology and of His Eminence Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddiqui Al-Qaderi in Spiritual Discipline and Missionary Work, he acquired his early education at different institutions, commencing with the memorisation of the Holy Qur'an, settling down finally at the famous Aligarh Muslim University (India) for higher education- both Western and Islamic. There he won the highest laurels in the B.A., B.Th. and M.A. (Philosophy) examinations, wrote his Ph. D. thesis on Moral Philosophy under Prof. S. Z. Hasan, and was hailed officially as "a new refulgent star on the firmament of Islamic Learning", "a scholar of expectional talent and ability", "head and shoulders above others"-- indeed, as "the best product of the Aligarh Muslim University" in view of his many-sided genius. As an Islamic theologian, he possessed the rare distinction of combining higher education in Modern Thought with Islamic theological scholarship. As a scholar of Philosophy, he represented western as well as eastern disciplines, As a missionary, his love for humanity carried him to distant lands. Besides miscellaneous tours, he travelled in 1949-50, 1957, 1960-61, 1964 and 1969, five, times round the world on Islamic missionary errand.

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